A gloomy day….

to say the least. It’s been raining alot these past three days and that’s just depressing. I woke up extra early today because I had to take an exam this morning. The exam went well and I have at last completed this semester. YES! Do you have any idea what it feels like to have suffered through 5 years of university studies and not even liking the subject you are studying? I swear to God that I have probably gained around 50 pounds, have multiple gray hairs as well as wrinkles and just an overall mental tiredness. These last years have been seriously tough and I can not wait for this to be finally over and me graduating. I’m gonna be writing my thesis next semester and I’m looking forward to that. To only concentrate on a single subject instead of taking 5 different classes and the school insisting on you taking exams at the same time in all these subjects. I sometimes feel that the schools are not trying to get you to learn to work or to be able to manage in the workplace after graduating, but instead focus on you taking exams where you have to learn the subject by heart. I mean, come on. Who knows everything by heart? Perhaps someone with a sticky brain, and that’s not me.

But anyways….

I spoke to my boss earlier this week about getting a raise and was told that there was no wiggle room for anything in my case. I need to finish more of my studies in order to get higher pay. Now wasn’t that nice? Or not. I feel a bit dejected, I have to admit. I mean, who want’s to work for 2.700 USD a month? I mean, I’ve spent years on getting this fu**ing education and this is what you pay me? Especially if I had graduated, I’d be getting 4.000 USD a month in beginning salary. But hey, at least I have a job. And I do value that they are flexible in the way that I can get a day off or go off early if I need to. So I’ll just stay positive for now at least, after having let out my frustrations here on the blog.

As I went to bed last night I started planning my workout schedule for the fall. I’m not seeing much happening this summer, although I wish I did. I started seeing myself going to the gym in the morning and then writing my essay after the workout. And wouldn’t that just be wonderful? Not that I’m particularly positive that it’s gonna happen, but damn, I do not want to graduate as a lawyer in a year’s time and be a fatty. I graduated as an undergraduate as a fatty and it was not pleasant. This I need to work on this summer…


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